Helpful Information About Our Towing & Rescue Service

Q: Do I have to make an appointment to have my car towed?
A: No. Breakdowns and accidents are never convenient, nor do they happen at a good time. We respond immediately to any situation with no delay, although appointments are available if you wish.

Q: Does Modern Auto & Towing accept AAA cards for payment?
A: No. We are not a contracted AAA provider. We do, however, provide a fully detailed receipt that you may turn in for a reimbursement with any roadside or insurance company you have.

Q: Can I have my car towed if it's not registered or has no license plates?

A: Yes. We have specially issued "repair" license plates from the state on all of our trucks. These allow us to tow unregistered vehicles.

Q: Is there a limit to how far away I can have my car towed or picked up?
A: No. We will go anywhere at any time.

Q: Do I have to be with my car for it to be towed?
A: No. Modern Auto & Towing does not require an owner to be present with the vehicle. However, it helps to have the keys, so we can turn the steering wheel and place the transmission in neutral.

Q: Can you tow my car if I have lost my keys or they have been stolen?
A: Yes. We have special equipment and training for these situations, but it may require an additional labor charge.